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St Lucia

What do you need to know?


Fast Ride: 2 hours

Must Ride: 2 hours

Just Ride: 2 hours

VEX: 2 hours

Dangerous goods: N/A

Dry ice: 6 hours


Fast Ride: N/A

Must Ride: N/A

Just Ride: 5 hours


Custom hours: 08:00 to 12:00 / 13:00 to 16:30 daily

Pharma & life sciences

COL Storage (Chiller) 2°C-8°C? No

CRT Storage (15°C-25°C)? No

Temperature controlled dollies/trucks available airside? No

ACT Can handle 'Active' ULDs? Envirotainer & CSafe

Can provide dry ice: No

Electrical outlets available for charging active units: No

Commodities & pets


CCTV? Outside facility

Secure area for VAL (Vault)? Yes, cleared on arrival

Secure area for VUL (Cages)? Yes

Size of secure area: 3.5 sqm

Witness Loads: Yes

Secure transfers to/from aircraft: Available on request

Dangerous goods

DG storage area? Yes

Size of DG storage area: 2.5 sqm


Sorry, our car service is not available on this route.


Pets are accepted from UVF to LGW. Check out our pet page to find out more.