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What do you need to know?


Fast Ride: N/a

Must Ride: 6 hours

Just Ride: 6 hours

VEX: 4 hours

Dangerous goods: 17:00 day prior to departure


Fast Ride: 4 hours

Must Ride: 6 hours

Just Ride: 6 hours

VEX: 2 hours

Custom hours: 24 hours daily

Pharma & life sciences

COL Storage (Chiller) 2°C-8°C? Yes

Can separate pharma from perishables? Yes, separate Pharma Zone

Chiller temp range: 2°C - 8°C (available for both pharma and perishables)

Chiller has out of temp alarm? Yes

How is chiller temperature checked? Every 12 hours, constant digital display to warehouse

Capacity of chiller (ULD and loose): 100 positions

Notice required for chiller: No

CCTV on chiller door? Yes

Temperature controlled dollies / trucks availble airside? Yes - capacity for 2 AKE or 1 PMC per dolly - cost fo 250 

CRT Storage (15°C-25°C)? Yes

Capacity of CRT storage area: 100 positions

ACT Can handle 'Active' ULDs? Envirotainer & CSafe

FRO Freezer (-20°C)? Yes

Customer can break down their own pallets on the door? No

Commodities & pets



Secure area for VAL (Vault)? Yes

Secure area for VUL (Cages)? No

Size of secure area: 10sqm

Witness Loads: Available on request

Secure transfers to/from aircraft: Performed by security

Dangerous goods

DG storage area? Yes

Size of DG storage area: Available in TACT


Single position cars? Yes

Multiple position cars? Yes

Booking window required (lead-in time): n/a


Pets are accepted from DXB to LHR. Check out our pet page to find out more.

Gateway charges

GHA charges for pallet breakdown (Fish): 214 AED pr ton