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Fancy going paperless?

Our e-freight offering is expanding and there are plenty of ways you can get on board...

At Virgin Atlantic Cargo we are continually looking at ways to develop our e-Freight offering, with the aim of making it easier for our customers to do business with us. We have a number of initiatives and options for customers who are looking to 'go paperless' with us, including our most expansive option e-AWB. 

Take a look at the options below if you fancy going paperless with us...


e-AWB is an IATA initiative that eliminates the need for a paper AWB. Instead, all details are transmitted electronically via FWB messages.

This means:

• Improved data accuracy

• Instant data exchange

• Reduced need for data entry

• Faster acceptance

• Reduced printing and operational costs

Or, email us to find out more


FWB (Freight Waybill) is an electronic copy of the Master Air Waybill (MAWB) which is being transmitted from agent to carrier

Email us to find out more


FSU (Freight Status Update) is an electronic message used to update/notify the interested parties on the status of their shipment

Email us to find out more


FFR (Booking Request) is an electronic message used to interchange data between Airlines and/or Forwarders. These messages are used to make booking reservations or to make a booking into an allotment space. You can even cancel and amend a booking using an FFR message.

If you wish to get set up to make bookings via FFR messaging please fill out our FFR registration form by clicking the button below.

If you would like any further information, email us.

Please note...

If you want to send or receive EDI messages with us, in the first instance you need to contact your cargo community network provider (e.g. Descartes, Traxon, BT etc.) and have them send Descartes (Virgin Atlantic Cargo's CCN provider) a completed EDI registration form.