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LHR Pharma Zone

Our new Pharma Zone at LHR is now open

We're pleased to announce that our new Pharma Zone at London Heathrow is now open

The new 4,000 sq foot pharma zone offers:

  • Two walk-in pods capabale of maintaining 2-8°C (COL) and 15-25°C (CRT) temperature ranges for loose pharma shipments
  • Temperature controlled storage for 24 pallets (CRT + COL), located high above the warehouse floor in the ETV system to ensure the security and integrity of the cargo
  • 10 charging points for active cargo containers
  • A segregated area dedicated to pharma handling and pallet building
  • Queue-jump in reception when checking in Must Ride pharma shipments
  • A designated door for pharma shipments designed to speed their flow through the warehouse and reduce the time products spend outside of a temperature controlled environment
  • A team of specialists to process and monitor these sensitive shipments

You also have the confidence that all staff involved in booking or handling pharma shipments have received full GDP training.

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