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Straightforward and reliable

Our products

We've kept our product range straightforward so you can focus on what's important – getting your cargo shipped safely, on time and on budget.

We are passionate about customer service and everything we do is designed to help you. That means delivering a service that is second to none, underpinned by reliability, visibility and communication. Most of all, we’re here to help you keep your promises to your customers.

We understand that some shipments need to move faster than others, and some require specific transportation processes and conditions to maintain their integrity in the supply chain, such as temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare products that demand an unbroken cool chain. That’s why our products and services have been designed to offer everything you need:

You can find more information on our products below or for more detailed information please click here

Just Ride

Our general cargo product, offering value, great service and our famous reliability

Just Ride offers value, great service and our famous reliability right across our ever expanding network of over 400 destinations worldwide. Our dedicated team around the network oversee the handling, meaning your cargo is looked after as if it were our own.

Just Ride means we’ve got the experience, reach and capacity to handle your day to day air cargo needs. Our flexibility means Just Ride is the perfect fit whether you’re shipping general freight or something a bit more specialised.

Must Ride

Our premium service offering priority access to capacity, we’ll even give you your money back if your shipment doesn’t fly as booked.

Must Ride is the service for you when your cargo absolutely ‘must ride’. From the moment you book Must Ride, you will be given preferential access to space, receive the highest boarding priority, and you will be sent a confirmation email on departure.

We have so much confidence in our Must Ride service that if your shipment doesn’t fly as booked, we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee and ensure our cargo flies on the next available flight. This also applies to Must Ride transhipments through our hub at Heathrow.

We can also offer specialist handling services such as temperature control, witness loads or even security escorts for high value shipments.

Fast Ride

Our express service for your time sensitive cargo offering a 2 hour close out

Fast Ride is our express handling service for shipments under 300kg. You will receive the highest boarding priority, a confirmation email on departure and our 100% money back guarantee should your shipment not fly as booked. This also applies to Fast Ride transhipments through our hub at Heathrow.

The added benefits of using Fast Ride are the 2 hour close out time for deliveries. We will even guarantee that your shipment will be available within 2 hours after the flight arrives.

Fast Ride truly is the perfect service for you when time is of the essence


Our express courier service

VEX is our express courier product for all your urgent airport to airport shipments under 32kg. Speed and efficiency are our key drivers for VEX, offering later close out times and a service second to none.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Offering you a range of solutions for your time and temperature sensitive pharma and life sciences shipments.

Whether you need passive or active temperature control, or just need to know your shipment is treated with expert care, our Just Ride and Must Ride services can be tailored to your requirements to ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition.

Pharma Passive is designed to support the specific needs of temperature sensitive products in ‘passive’ packaging solutions. We have developed GDP compliant processes, backed up wherever possible by specific infrastructure and trained personnel, to minimise risk and ensure that passively packaged cargo is handled under conditions which will not compromise the ability of the packaging to safeguard the product within.

Pharma Active is designed to support an unbroken cool chain for temperature sensitive cargo. We are approved to carry all CSafe and Envirotainer unit types, and our GDP compliant processes, infrastructure and dedicated staff ensure the goods inside the containers travel in a constant temperature range throughout the entire journey with us.

Our new Pharma Zone  at London Heathrow is now open, offering a 4,000 sq foot space specifically designed to hold pharma and life sciences shipments. Visit our PharmaZone page to find out more.

Our fully trained team will look after your shipment throughout its entire journey and will oversee our handling agents around our network to ensure your cargo is given the specialist treatment it deserves. Our team are here to help and answer any questions you may have throughout your shipment’s journey.

We believe the key to a superior service is peace of mind and that is what we strive to deliver. In the unlikely event of delays or offloads, you can be confident in the knowledge that our staff will initiate the appropriate recovery procedures to minimise any risk to your shipment, as well as keeping you informed every step of the way.


Calling all Pet Agents, you can take advantage of our renowned flexibility and together we can offer a fantastic, safe and reliable service to all pets, cats and dogs, travelling on the Virgin Atlantic Cargo network.

Call our dedicated teams today to find out more:

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And so much more

In addition to the above, our product range doesn't end at the bottom of this internet page.  Not only do we carry specialist products including, for example perishables and valuables, we are also here to help you find bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

We love a challenge, so just give us a call.

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