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Airbus 330/340 and Boeing 747/777/787 series aircraft.

Take a look below at our range of equipment and size specifications.

We are proud to offer a range of equipment and solutions that are acceptable for carriage on all our aircraft and partner airline, Virgin Australia.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please note

* Secure/hanging garment AKE's are available for valuable and hanging garment shipments.  Limited stock available.

** Weight can be increased upon special request, however the number of heavier units is restricted due to aircraft limitations.

All measurements are internal dimensions.

We are approved to carry CSafe RKN and Envirotainer e1 and T2 RKN/RAP temperature controlled containers and provide access to temperature controlled storage facilities. Whilst we do not hold a stock of the containers we can lease them on request, or you can source them yourselves directly from the suppliers.


Need to know information

Return of a Virgin owned ULD

Any container or pallet received from Virgin must be returned to Virgin at the terminal or co-terminal from which it was received. 

If a Virgin ULD is returned to another terminal or airline, a service charge of $100.00 plus any applicable demurrage as described in the sections below will be billed to the party holding receipt for the ULD. 

Liability for loss or damage

While a Virgin ULD is in the possession of the shipper or the consignee, they shall be liable for loss or damage. 


Applicable free time for use of Virgin ULDs

Virgin will provide ULDs to shippers or consignees free of charge for a maximum period of 72 hours excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

At the departure station, this period shall commence from midnight (24:00 hours) on the day of release. At the destination station the period shall commence from midnight (24:00 hours) on the day of arrival.

Demurrage for exceeding allowable free time

If a Virgin ULD is not returned within the time periods listed in the above section, a charge of $25.00 per day or part thereof shall apply until such time that the shipper or consignee returns the ULD.


All London Heathrow collections need to be requested in advance from our ULD control department. Collection outside of these hours can be made by special arrangement.  At all other stations collections should be arranged locally.

For further information please contact our ULD control department via email at


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