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Article 9

Pick up and delivery services

9.1 Shipments
Shipments are accepted for Carriage from their receipt at Carrier’s Cargo terminal or airport office at the place of departure to their arrival at the airport at the place of destination.

9.2 Availability of service
Pick-up services and delivery services will be available at the departure and destination points, to the extent and subject to the rates and charges established for such services as agreed with Carrier.

9.3 Request for service
Pick-up service, if available, will be provided when requested by the Shipper. Except when otherwise provided by Carrier’s Tariff, delivery service may be provided unless contrary instructions are given by the Shipper or by the Consignee. Such contrary instructions must be received by Carrier prior to removal of the Shipment from Carrier’s airport terminal at destination. Where Carrier arranges at the request of the Shipper or Consignee for pick-up or delivery services to be provided by third parties, it does so as the agent of whichever of the Shipper or Consignee has requested the provision of such service.

9.4 Shipment for which services are unavailable

9.4.1 Pick-up service and delivery will not be provided by Carrier without special arrangement for any Shipment which, in the opinion of the Carrier, because of its volume, nature, value or weight is impractical for Carrier to handle in normal course.

9.4.2 Pick-up and delivery services will not be provided by Carrier if the operation of vehicles is impracticable or if the Shipper's or Consignee's address is not directly accessible to vehicles. Shipments are only picked up from or delivered to loading ramps or carriage entrances which are directly accessible to vehicles.

9.4.3 Pick up and delivery services are not provided for Cargo that cannot be moved by one person unless otherwise agreed beforehand, including the possible deployment of further persons and devices by the Shipper or Consignee at their risk and expense.

9.5 Hours of service
Unless otherwise agreed with Carrier beforehand, pick up or delivery will be provided only during regular business hours and on regularly scheduled vehicles.

9.6 Attempt at delivery
Delivery of Shipments must be agreed with Carrier in advance. Shipments which, without fault of Carrier, cannot be delivered to the Consignee upon initial attempt at delivery will be returned to Carrier's place of dispatch and Consignee shall be informed thereof. Any further attempts will be made only upon agreement with the Carrier in advance. Additional charges will be invoiced for each further attempt at delivery.

9.7 Forwarding and re-forwarding
If expressly agreed, Shipments will be taken on for forwarding to the airport of departure and/or re-forwarding from the airport of destination.

9.8 Liability
If pick-up service, delivery service, forwarding or re-forwarding is performed by or on behalf of Carrier, such surface transportation shall be upon the same terms as to liability set forth in Article 11. In any other circumstances, Carrier shall arrange pick up and delivery service, or forwarding or re-forwarding, only as agent of the Shipper or Consignee respectively.