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Article 10

Successive carriers and code shares

10.1 Carriage to be performed under one contract of carriage by several successive Carriers is regarded as a single operation.

10.2 The Shipper will have a right of action against the first Carrier and the Consignee or person entitled to delivery will have a right of action against the last Carrier. In addition, both the Shipper and the Consignee will have a right of action against the Carrier which performed the Carriage during which the loss, damage or delay to the Cargo took place. These Carriers will be jointly and severally liable to the Shipper or the Consignee.

10.3 If an actual Carrier performs the whole or part of the Carriage under these Conditions of Carriage, both the contracting Carrier and the actual Carrier shall be subject to these Conditions of Carriage unless otherwise provided for in these Conditions of Carriage, the former for the whole of the Carriage in the Contract of Carriage and the latter solely for the Carriage which it performed.

10.4 The acts and omissions of the actual Carrier, including its servants, agents and representatives acting within the scope of their employment shall, in relation to the Carriage performed by the actual Carrier, be deemed to be also those of the contractual Carrier.